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  • E-bikes: The benefits

    They’re not as expensive as you might think A high end quality folding e-bike, like the Eovolt City,

  • A radio blog you just can't turn down

    My neighbour called me up the other day excitedly. She told me that there was a phone-in on #Radio5 Live, all about #cycling. I do have very lovely and thoughtful neighbours, I am very lucky indeed. Of course, I tuned in but unfortunately only caught the last five or so minutes. All was not lost, and with the magic of the internet we have catch-up radio, and so I caught up. #RachelBurden was taking calls from listeners and reading out emails, all to do with the rise and rise of the uptake of #bikes. The first two listeners talked about their #eBike experiences, and so I thought I’d write a ‘blography’ on their electric bike tales! This might be a first, a commentary on radio callers calling into a radio show! One thing that did strike me immediately was the joy in the voices of both of the listeners. Firstly, let’s clear up the stigma about, ‘Well if it’s an eBike you’re not getting any exercise!’ Myth - Not true at all! A great example came from a guy called John from Harrogate. John has two replacement knees, and bought the #eBike as he thought it would get him out of the house more. Both he and his wife now get out on their #eBikes and have cycled up to 25 miles on a single ride. Let’s remember that an eBike has assisted power, so you have to actually pedal the eBike, just as you would a manual bicycle. When you need the power, perhaps to climb a steep hill, which in John’s case is exactly what he uses it for. Prior to him owning an eBike, John had a regular manual bicycle, which he didn’t use often, because due to his knees, he would think ‘Oh I really can’t be bothered!’, but now with his eBike, he puts it on the lowest setting, which assists him with tougher gradients that he would usually struggle against. All the while he is still getting the much needed exercise and strength building he requires, not to mention the fantastic benefits being out in the great outdoors has to promote good mental health and well-being. Jackie, another enthusiastic caller, was saying how she hadn’t ridden a bike for years, and so she bought an eBike and has never looked back. The thrill in Jackie’s voice, as she talks so fondly about her eBike is infectious, but now having ridden an eBike myself, I totally get what she means. Herself and her husband go riding with their kids. It’s such a sustainable form of travel that she hasn’t put fuel in the car for months, she even taught her 6 year old son to ride a bike and now they do the school run, both on their bikes. How cool is that!? She was embarrassed to admit that she couldn’t believe she used to drive the school run. She encourages other parents during the summer holidays, to consider a safe cycle route to school. I say it’s a great idea, and if it’s feasible, why not give it a try? And I’m not going to talk on behalf of Jackie (as I don’t actually know her from Adam!), but I do truly believe the mindfulness that cycling brings her, genuinely shone through as she spoke so passionately about it. Jackie’s family are also saving a whopping £250 per month since cancelling their gym membership. I mean, ok, erm .. are you thinking what I’m thinking? ‘But isn’t £250 gym membership for a family of four, one member of the family being only 6 years old. Isn’t that rather expensive?’ I mean what’s the kid doing in there? I could be wrong here, I could walk into the gym tomorrow and I could see little Tommy benching 100kg whilst watching Peppa Pig in between reps. Who knows? But in all seriousness, and joking aside, it was really nice to hear about her experiences. Jackie has got the bug so bad, that she has now even purchased a folding bike to commute to work. I think that goes to show what an investment the purchase of those eBikes have been for Jackie, financially saving on car and gym costs, and really having a positive impact on reducing her carbon footprint...and having extra money left over for little Tommy’s protein shakes! #ebikes #electricbikes #electricscooter #electricscooters #solotravel #sustainabletravel #greentravel #effecienttravel #ridelev #mindfulness #cycling #biking #powerassistedbikes #radio5 #noemissiontravel #zeroemissions

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  • The amazing Eovolt range of folding e-bikes

    Eovolt Eovolt bikes are one of France's best sellers. If you want a practical, high quality, affordable electric bike then you need look no further than Eovolt. Sort by Eovolt Confort 20" Grey Price £1,849.00 Eovolt City 16" Grey Price £1,299.00 Eovolt City 16" Orange Price £1,299.00 Eovolt Confort 20" Orange Price £1,849.00 Eovolt Confort 20" White Price £1,849.00 Eovolt City 16" White Price £1,299.00 Eovolt City 16" Red Price £1,299.00 Eovolt Confort 20" Red Price £1,849.00 Eovolt City 16" Blue Price £1,299.00 Eovolt Confort 20" Blue Price £1,849.00

  • E-bikes from Ride LEV get assembled at your home for free

    Eovolt Confort 20" Grey Price £1,849.00 KTM Macina Prowler Master Price £5,949.00 KTM Macina Fold 20 Price £3,499.00 Eovolt City 16" Blue Price £1,299.00 Eovolt Confort 20" Grey Price £1,849.00 KTM Macina Prowler Master Price £5,949.00 KTM Macina Fold 20 Price £3,499.00 Eovolt City 16" Blue Price £1,299.00 Ride Best Sellers view all ebikes

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