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  • E-bikes: The benefits

    Since April 2019 the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has been put into place by the Mayor of London to help clear London’s toxic air. ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of Christmas Day (and who said that the Christmas spirit was dead?) The daily charge runs from midnight to midnight and if your vehicle does not meet ULEZ standards, you will be charged a daily fee and your car may then turn back into a pumpkin, or failing that, not paying will result in a nice penalty for you to pay. The Ultra Low Emission Zone currently covers the same area as the congestion charge zone, so if your car gets on to Mr Kahn's naughty list, you will be lumbered with both charges .. you lucky devils! The ULEZ charge will cost you a staggering £12.50 per day, failing to pay this could see you with a rather hefty fine of £160. If we throw in the congestion charge too, just for a laugh, then that brings the cost per day up to £27.50, and if you’re doing that every week you will be forking out a whopping £137.50! And after each month that equates to .. well .. you do the maths! But don’t worry, there is some good news …, we’re only joking, there’s more bad news actually! Last week it was announced that the ULEZ will be expanded from central London in March 2021 to create a single larger zone up to the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). You could use public transport of course, but we have been advised to avoid tubes, trains and busses, due to the increasing and ever present danger of COVID-19. So with more and more road taxes and charges, increasing lane closures and rocketing pollution, there has never been a better time than right now to switch to an e-bike, and to help you decide we have come up with SIX benefits of being an electric bike owner. Saving money An obvious one here, apart from the charges that we’ve just been talking about there are other expenses associated with driving a car. There are fuel costs of course, then you have road tax, insurance, maintenance, MOTs and not to mention the costs when things go wrong. Swapping your commute from a car to an e-bike could save you a small fortune. Eco-friendly travel According to Carbon Independent, 38 million tonnes of CO2 are emitted into our atmosphere by the 27 million cars on our roads. Electric bikes use a considerably less amount of energy than cars, whilst emitting zero emissions. By changing to an e-bike you can really do your part to improve air quality. The health benefits Forget the misconception that e-bike riders are lazy riders! To propel an electric bike forward you need to use your legs like any other bike. An e-bike uses pedal assisted technology. This means that it uses the motor to assist you, which ensures that you can explore longer distances, thus getting the physical exercise you need. An eBike gives people of varying abilities the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Being able to get out and exercise also has positive mental health benefits. E-bikes come in a number of varieties Although e-bikes are fairly new, it hasn’t stopped technological advances making even smaller batteries and components to allow for a wide range of electric bikes with a multitude of purposes. Foldable e-bikes are the commuters favourite, with eCargo bikes being a winner for families that are changing their habits and using bikes to ferry kids to school and grab the shopping on the way home. Sporty eMTBs are available for the thrill seekers, and city cruisers and hybrids for the trekkers and tourers. Electric bikes are the future ‘More than 3 million pedelecs on German roads alone seem to indicate clearly where we are headed. In Central Europe, the mid-term projection is that one in three new bicycles sold will be an eBike.’ This is what Claus Fleischer the manager at Bosch Bike Systems has been quoted as saying. With current trends and emerging changes, we can see this as the UK’s future too. They’re not as expensive as you might think A high end quality folding e-bike, like the Eovolt City, which we stock here at Ride LEV will cost you as little as £1299. This is outstanding value for money, especially if you compare it to the cost of a car and the costs associated with that. E-bikes can of course go into the thousands, but again, even the most expensive e-bike will still be relatively low cost compared to a car. The Tern eCargo bikes that we stock, are that little bit more expensive, but reassuringly also come with a 10 year warranty. Well there you have it, something for you all to ponder. How long has that second car been sitting on your driveway? Are you sick and tired of the congested roads and sky rocketing commuting charges? Now is the time to dip your toes into the wonderful world of the e-bike. Please ride safe. The Ride LEV team

  • The rise and rise of cargo e-bikes

    What a year it’s been huh? Seriously, what a year!? The pandemic, which was unprecedented, has seen us all locked down in our own homes, not being able to see our family and friends, washing and disinfecting our hands constantly and of course our faces being covered with masks in shops, on public transport, in private hire vehicles, mini cabs and taxis. With COVID-19 threatening to stay around for quite some time yet, an increasing number of people are now working from home. With companies now taking on a flexible approach and allowing staff to come into the office maybe one or two days per week. This obviously cuts the commute and thereby questions the need for that second car in your driveways. Costs involved with a car include insurance, fuel, maintenance, tax and eventualities when things go wrong. Not to mention the scaling costs of congestion and emission charges. Cars also have a huge negative impact on our environment, with short journeys to the shops or the school run releasing harmful emissions into the air we breathe. Studies have shown that our children are exposed to more pollutants from car emissions on the school run than anywhere else? It’s true, according to UNICEF, our kids may be exposed to higher pollution levels INSIDE cars than outside, due to emissions circulating and building up in the car rather than dissipating in the wider air. Using public transport and taxis, is one alternative and although operating under Government guidelines travelling this way will always pose a risk as close confinement with other passengers could spread the virus, no matter how small the risk may be. Greener town and city schemes are being run by local authorities up and down the country. The introduction of more cycle friendly roads, and wider cycle lanes, as well as more pedestrianised zones are forcing car drivers to find alternative routes. A ten minute car journey, now turns into thirty-minutes, but what is the alternative? If you have children you need to make the school run, and perhaps on the way back home you may need to pick up some groceries. So, without a car what do you do? Well there is an answer, and the answer is eCargo bikes. Cargo electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with those who are ditching the car for a more sustainable form of transport. What is an eCargo bike and what makes it different from conventional e-bikes? Functionality wise, an eCargo bike works in the same way as any other electric bike, the difference being that these eBikes are made specifically for the purpose of carrying bigger loads, from your shopping to your families or both. The Tern range of eCargo bikes that we stock at Ride LEV are built with practicality and longevity in mind. Tern e-bikes are designed to be serviceable and not land fillable. Tern’s are a great ride, easy to fold and built to last, which is why Tern e-bikes have a rather generous 10 year warranty. Yes .. TEN years! Tern offers a huge range of accessories, which we stock, to turn your eCargo bike into a packhorse. Side load panniers, that can hold up to 68 litres in each, large baskets and buckets, additional racks and even seats for children and adults alike. So there you have it, and if you are considering making the switch, why not have a think the next time you need to ‘pop’ to the shops, or you need to take Auntie Edna those brownies you baked her to wish her a happy birthday, and maybe you too will ditch the car and opt for the eCargo bike instead. Thanks for reading and stay safe. The Ride LEV team - Working towards a cleaner future

  • Call for e-scooters to become legal

    If you didn’t catch the news recently then we have an exciting e-scooter update for you all. So currently, as things stand it is illegal to ride a privately owned electric scooter in public. Public means, everywhere really .. roads, pavements, cycle paths, parks .. you catch our drift. You can, however, ride your e-scooter wherever you want on private land, as long as you have the permission of the land owner of course. But why are e-scooters illegal though? We know! It sounds absolutely absurd, considering the positive impact that they would have on the environment, not to mention easing congestion on our busy roads. They are illegal because of a Road Traffic Act that was passed way back 32 years ago in 1988, which states that a person must not use a motor vehicle on a road or any other public place without insurance, thus putting an electric scooter into the same vein as cars and motorbikes - I think that deserves a ‘Boo’! We in the UK are one of the last countries in the whole of Europe to have a ban on riding privately owned e-scooters on public roads, which is why the following news really got us excited in the Ride LEV office. Needless to say, a multitude of Whats App notifications came thick and fast with links to various news articles mostly with the headlines reading ‘E-Scooters should be legalised say MP’s’ Ok, so for those of you that missed it, or for those that just fancy reading an e-scooter blog just for a laugh then please do read on .. As we all know electric scooter rental trials have been running up and down the country. The trials, which were all brought forward and expanded due to COVID-19 have seen a massive uptake, and so the Transport Select Committee have called on the Government to legalise e-scooters in the UK. The Committee called on the Department for Transport to encourage their use in place of short car journeys as a greener alternative. The chair of the Committee, MP Huw Merriman said “E-scooters have the potential to become an exciting and ingenious way to navigate our streets and get from place to place. If this gets people out of the car, reducing congestion and exercising in the open air, then even better.” And it totally makes sense, doesn’t it? What can be wrong with getting out in the fresh air and getting from a to b in a cost effective way, all the while being emission free! Sounds good to us! Not to mention that they are really fun to ride too! Not sure they mentioned that in Parliament though. So who are the Transport Select Committee? We hear you ask. The Transport Select Committee are a select Committee of cross-party MPs. The remit of the Committee is to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Transport and its associated public bodies. So the Committee backing the legislation to make e-scooters legal is a pretty big deal! The Committee recommended that the requirement for a provisional licence should also be dropped, and also that the use of e-scooters on pavements should remain illegal. Other recommendations were that local authorities would set the speed limit and the use of wearing a helmet would be encouraged. All really sensible recommendations to promote safe riding, and here at Ride LEV we would certainly encourage the use of helmets and protective clothing wherever you ride your electric scooter. So there you have it, in a nutshell. Some real positives to take from that, and we will keep you up to date with more e-scooter news as it comes in! Safe riding.

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  • E-Bikes, Free Delivery, Assembly and First Service. E-Scooters

    Free delivery, assembly and first service included with every new e-bike That's right, with e-bike purchased with Ride LEV, we will arrange for a to come to you and your new eBike. For added peace of mind we will also include a 30 days later, also at the . every certified electric bike specialist professionally assemble free service convenience of your doorstep How it works Ride LEV are determined to help fight against co2 emissions and stock a wide range of electric scooters to suit every purpose and budget and all backed by UK warranties. Although only permitted on private land, e-scooters are the next big craze. Ride LEV only stock eScooters from trusted brands. Freedom shouldn't be a luxury eScooters e-scooters e-bikes eBikes Choose from our vast selection of electric bikes. Whether you are looking for foldable city e-bikes, cargo eBikes or e-mtb e-bikes, we're sure to have the right eBike for you. ​ Free delivery, assembly and first service included with every new e-bike Tern e-bikes Our Accessories #HMBRG #BRLN The X-Series craftsmanship, and a solid build. THE-URBAN electric scooter is for those who don't want to compromise on quality or performance, but also want the fun factor thrown in too. German top quality workmanship ​ Ultra , a l and the height of , THE-URBAN e-scooter will be your go to city companion. compact ong range comfort view the range shop xiaomi Browse KTM are committed in helping get safely, which is why we have chosen to work with the scheme. Ride LEV Britain back to work Bike2Work ​ You could off a new e-Bike, and spread it over 12 months save up to a whopping 42% tax free! Details The 'kick assist' e-scooters that’ll transform your journey. Swifty are revered for their sleek design and stable geometry. The most convenient way to get around with ease. swifty scooters British Innovation The Reid E4 Plus E-Scooter - Confidence inspiring, solid and dependable The Reid E4 Plus is an electric scooter with integrated rear suspension, a and for a stable, comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride. The offers enhanced features such as journey tracking, led customisation, speedometer and more. Connect to the app and unlock all the benefits of your new e-scooter. ergonomically designed powerful 350W front motor large 10″ puncture proof wheels free Reid smartphone app explore reid than a traditional bicycle helmet. Worn around the neck, inflates in 0.1 second in the event of an accident 8 x safer Take a look helmet For a limited time only, get a free with every Joyor electric scooter purchased from Ride Joyor range blumil go view ekidz Kids Power Core electric scooters now back in stock

  • Ride LEV stock a wide range of e-scooters

    eScooters An e-scooter for every occasion At Ride LEV we stock a wide range of e-scooters from known and trusted brands. Our range of electric scooters are reliable and safe, as well as fun and of course sustainable and emission free. We strongly believe that freedom and travel should not be a luxury which can sometimes seem unreachable. Our adult e-scooters start from as little as £349, so we really do believe we have an electric scooter in our product range that will suit your needs. Filters Brand All Egret Joyor Razor Scooters Reid E-Twow Decent Ninebot-Segway Swifty The Urban Price £269.00 £1,625.00 Sort by E-Twow Booster S+ Electric Scooter Price £545.00 E-Twow Booster GT SE Price £845.00 Ninebot Segway MAX G30 Price £699.00 Reid E4 Price £499.00 Reid E4 Plus Price £599.00 Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Price £599.00 Ninebot Segway Air T15E Price £679.00 Decent X7 Price £349.00 Joyor Y10 Price £1,089.00 EGRET-TEN V3 36v Please enquire THE-URBAN #HMBRG V1 Please enquire SwiftyZERO-e Price £1,367.00 SwiftyAIR-e Price £1,398.00 THE-URBAN xH1 Please enquire SwiftyONE-e Price £1,598.00 THE-URBAN #HMBRG V2 Please enquire Joyor G1 Please enquire EGRET-TEN V3 X 48v Please enquire EGRET-EIGHT V2 / V2 X Please enquire THE-URBAN xC1 Please enquire THE-URBAN xT1 Please enquire THE-URBAN xR1 Please enquire Xiaomi M365 PRO Please enquire THE-URBAN #BRLN V2 Please enquire Razor E Prime Air Please enquire Joyor M Bike Price £725.00 Joyor G5 Please enquire Joyor F1 Price £349.00 Joyor F3 Price £549.00 Joyor F5+ Price £635.00 Joyor F5S+ Price £725.00 Joyor X1 Price £635.00 Joyor X5S Price £815.00 Joyor Y5S Price £905.00 Zero 10X 52V Electric Scooter Please enquire Zero 9 LG Electric Scooter Please enquire

  • The E-Twow e-scooter range at Ride LEV

    E-Twow E-Twow or Electric Two Wheels is a company who know their stuff. It's founder being the first person to build an eScooter back in 2013. Well things have certainly improved since then, and E-Twow's Booster range is a cut above. We're proud to be one of a few companies available to bring these wonderful machines to you. Sort by E-Twow Booster S+ Electric Scooter Price £545.00 E-Twow Booster GT SE Price £845.00

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