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Electric Scooter Safety

Currently it is illegal to ride an electric scooter on roads, cycle paths, pavements and any other publicly owned land in the UK.  It is however, perfectly legal to buy and own an e-scooter.  You can ride your electric scooter on your own and private land with permission from the land owner.  

Most modern electric scooters, such as the types we stock at Ride LEV include safety features, like lighting and reliable braking systems, but what other measures can you take to ensure many years of safe riding?  

We have put together some guidelines, which may seem like common sense but are sometimes overlooked.

Wear protective clothing

With all modes of transport some accidents just cannot be averted, this is why you should take every precaution before setting off on your electric scooter.  Protecting your head is priority number one when taking to the proverbial road, and a helmet should be your first purchase. 


When riding your e-scooter we recommend that you wear thicker long sleeved and legged clothing, such as jeans, so if you do have a topple then your skin is protected.  If you do choose to wear clothing which leaves you more exposed, then we would strongly suggest knee and elbow pads.  Avoid clothing that trails, as this could get caught up in wheels.  

Start on a low speed setting

Electric scooters usually have 3 or more speed settings, or at the very least a low and high speed setting.  Even if you are an experienced e-scooter rider, we would always recommend starting off on the lowest setting possible.  This way will ensure that you are comfortable with your balance, before you can gradually increase to your desired speed as your confidence grows. 

Check the tyres

Before any eScooter ride always check the tyres integrity.  If your electric scooter has air filled tyres, make sure that they are pumped up to the correct pressure. Check for punctures, sufficient tyre tread and any other deformities.   Solid tyres are pretty much maintenance free, but a quick visual check before a ride will see you in good stead.

Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of other road users and pedestrians.  Always concentrate on the road ahead, do not become distracted.  You are in control of a vehicle and should always be conscious of that.  Try and leave your headphones at home, this will ensure you can hear warnings from other road users and pedestrians.  Lastly, ensure your e-scooter is fitted with a bell or horn to easily alert others of your presence.

Obey the law

Just to reiterate it is currently illegal to ride an e-scooter on public land, public roads, public pavements or any other public space in the UK.  Only ride your electric scooter on private land with the land owners permission.

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Electric Bike Safety

Electric bikes are a fun, sustainable and convenient way to travel.  E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more commuters are ditching their cars, avoiding public transport and are taking to the roads and cycle paths with their eBikes instead.  Electric bikes are here to stay and are the future of travel, but before you saddle up, we have put together some e-bike safety tips to ensure that you start your electric bike journey as safely as possible.

Always wear a helmet

This seems like such an obvious tip, doesn't it?  But it's vitally important to highlight this point.  Unfortunately accidents can and will happen, it may not be your fault, but if you do have the misfortune to come off your bike, a helmet will help to mitigate any head injuries.  E-bikes can go a little faster than a manual bike, which is why we recommend you wear a helmet which is eBike certified to NTA-8776 specification, like the popular Limar Urbe e-bike helmets.  Helmets have come a long way, and are no longer unstylish and bulky, with new fashionable sleek designs which combine safety with style.  Did you know the world's safest helmet isn't even a helmet?  Take a look at the innovative Hovding Airbag helmet which isn't even worn on your head.

Let's get visible

It goes without saying that you should ensure that your electric bike has a front and rear light, and with the introduction of led's, modern bike lights are very small and unobtrusive, but spectacularly bright.  Making yourself seen, and heard is very important in modern day cycling as we find the roads are getting more and more congested with cars.  Wear some hi visibility clothing, or attach high visibility strips to your clothing and e-bike.  Let's make some noise! Being visible, also means being heard so attach a bell or horn to let others know that you are approaching or passing.  


Be aware of others 

Ride cautiously, always be on the lookout for pedestrians or other road users.  Signal to let others know that you are turning, it's quite easy to just get carried away with the enjoyment of the ride, but to avoid any confusion with other road users, let them know your next move.  Cars are everywhere, so a great tip is to always think that the driver of the vehicle cannot see you.  Be extra careful at junctions and roundabouts, don't ever second guess where the car is going, some drivers don't indicate so be patient and wait for any potential hazards to pass.  Be wary of parked cars also, a door swinging open in front of you or the car abruptly pulling out could cause a serious accident.  Alert pedestrians that you are approaching by ringing your bell or sounding your horn and saying "On your left" or "On your right", leave enough distance as to not scare them.  

Road conditions

Judge the road ahead, potholes and uneven cracked roads can be damaging to e-bike wheels.  Try to avoid these where possible, or use an electric bike with thicker tyres.  Loose stones and gravel on roads could cause loss of control, especially when cornering.  If this happens lightly use the brakes to negate overly skidding.  In the rain and in wet conditions, always take more caution and ride slower.  Apply the brakes a lighter to avoid  skidding and keep in mind that your brakes may be a little weaker as the pads will be wet.  Snowy and Icy conditions are dangerous and should be avoided.  

Make sure you have the right sized e-bike

Riding an e-bike which is not the right size for you has many major drawbacks.  If your electric bike is too small, you will feel uncomfortable and not have control of your e-bike, as you will not have the right balance.  An eBike which is too large will be dangerous as you would not be able to steady the electric bike when you come to a stand still.  If you don't know which size e-bike is right for you, we have put together an E-Bike Buying Guide to help you out.

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