Blumil GO

Blumil GO

The Blumil GO has one very unique feature that has never been seen before. It is the patented connecting mechanism. Blumil decided to do things a little different and make a HUGE difference to the user. You do not need to attach and ride with any parts connected to your own wheelchair. There is no troublesome connecting to the frame of your wheelchair and then lifting the whole construction. With the Blumil GO you just press a button and an electric motor does the rest, 5 Seconds later you are ready to GO. You do not need any assistance. You can be fully independent, no matter how much strength you have in your hands.


The Blumil GO only weighs 13 kg, INCLUDING the battery. There are NO additional parts that you need to install on your wheelchair. 


The possibility of easy transport is a key feature for Blumil users. The Blumil GO is a really compact size. To fold it, just press one button. Take it anywhere with you.  The Blumil GO is also certified for air travel.


The Blumil GO has 3 speed modes. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with.


Blumil GO was designed especially for rigid frame wheelchairs. It should easily fit all rigid frame wheelchairs from the most popular manufacturers.  


Blumil GO is a certified product. As a medical device it meets all the requirements, regulated under EU law. The CE mark itself is a determinant of certain safety and quality standards and provides information for all consumers and proof that we meet all strict requirements.




3.7 mph, 10 mph, 18.5 mph
Range 15.5 miles



Li-ion 280 Wh
Total weight 13 kg
Wheel diameter 8,5”
Maximum load Max. 100 kg
Lights LED
Tire Pneumatic tubeless puncture proof



fuly electric
Certification CE, medical device in EU



Up to 10 %



current speed and speed mode,

charge level, total distance

Dual braking


drum brake and

electromagnetic brake


Manufacturer backed warranties

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