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The rise and rise of cargo e-bikes

What a year it’s been huh? Seriously, what a year!? The pandemic, which was unprecedented, has seen us all locked down in our own homes, not being able to see our family and friends, washing and disinfecting our hands constantly and of course our faces being covered with masks in shops, on public transport, in private hire vehicles, mini cabs and taxis.

With COVID-19 threatening to stay around for quite some time yet, an increasing number of people are now working from home. With companies now taking on a flexible approach and allowing staff to come into the office maybe one or two days per week. This obviously cuts the commute and thereby questions the need for that second car in your driveways. Costs involved with a car include insurance, fuel, maintenance, tax and eventualities when things go wrong. Not to mention the scaling costs of congestion and emission charges. Cars also have a huge negative impact on our environment, with short journeys to the shops or the school run releasing harmful emissions into the air we breathe. Studies have shown that our children are exposed to more pollutants from car emissions on the school run than anywhere else? It’s true, according to UNICEF, our kids may be exposed to higher pollution levels INSIDE cars than outside, due to emissions circulating and building up in the car rather than dissipating in the wider air.

Using public transport and taxis, is one alternative and although operating under Government guidelines travelling this way will always pose a risk as close confinement with other passengers could spread the virus, no matter how small the risk may be.

Greener town and city schemes are being run by local authorities up and down the country. The introduction of more cycle friendly roads, and wider cycle lanes, as well as more pedestrianised zones are forcing car drivers to find alternative routes. A ten minute car journey, now turns into thirty-minutes, but what is the alternative? If you have children you need to make the school run, and perhaps on the way back home you may need to pick up some groceries. So, without a car what do you do?

Well there is an answer, and the answer is eCargo bikes. Cargo electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with those who are ditching the car for a more sustainable form of transport. What is an eCargo bike and what makes it different from conventional e-bikes? Functionality wise, an eCargo bike works in the same way as any other electric bike, the difference being that these eBikes are made specifically for the purpose of carrying bigger loads, from your shopping to your families or both.

The Tern range of eCargo bikes that we stock at Ride LEV are built with practicality and longevity in mind. Tern e-bikes are designed to be serviceable and not land fillable. Tern’s are a great ride, easy to fold and built to last, which is why Tern e-bikes have a rather generous 10 year warranty. Yes .. TEN years! Tern offers a huge range of accessories, which we stock, to turn your eCargo bike into a packhorse. Side load panniers, that can hold up to 68 litres in each, large baskets and buckets, additional racks and even seats for children and adults alike.

So there you have it, and if you are considering making the switch, why not have a think the next time you need to ‘pop’ to the shops, or you need to take Auntie Edna those brownies you baked her to wish her a happy birthday, and maybe you too will ditch the car and opt for the eCargo bike instead.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

The Ride LEV team - Working towards a cleaner future

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