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My first eScooter experience

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

My first experience of an #eScooter .. and I’m impressed .. in fact I’m hooked! What was I expecting from an #electricscooter? I’m not quite sure if I’m totally honest with you. What I certainly wasn’t expecting was the solid build quality and how safe I felt riding it. I’m coming from this as somebody who has toyed with the idea but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. I’m going to be totally straight up and honest with you all, it’s just my opinion and experience of one week riding the #ReidE4Plus.

It’s a lot bigger than I thought, but in a good way. It’s sturdy and robust, the deck is a lot wider than I was expecting too. I do the lift test, not bad, I can comfortably carry it, but it also reassuringly has some weight to it too. This particular electric scooter weighs 14.5 kg so it’s a pretty manoeuvrable size and weight. It fits perfectly into the boot of my car, which is a saloon. It’s so simple to unfold too. Push the back mudguard to release the handlebars and then lift. Lock into place with the safety lock lever and hey presto. The built in kickstand also came in handy to stand it up and inspect my new set of wheels. Press and hold the power button and the display illuminates blue … we all like blue lights, don't we? The display shows the battery power, speed setting and speed in km/h. This particular scooter has a rear disc brake operated by a lever on the handlebars or you can kick down on the rear mudguard too. In my head, I felt ultimately cooler by sticking my foot on the mudguard to stop .. comment below … What's cooler, foot to stop or brake? Ooohhh … the rear LED glows bright red when the brake is applied .. I’m so easily distracted by shiny things!! Sorry .. let me go on … So my first attempt … I’m a pro and what more I love it already. It’s so easy to use! Being me, I started on the top speed setting of 3 which has a max speed of 15.5 mph. To start, you kick off like a standard push scooter. I like this idea as you can only give it power while rolling. This way you don’t zoom off by accident, or unwittingly push the throttle and watch your new e-scooter go and take a ride all on it’s own, with you chasing it down the road like a butcher who is chasing a dog who has just stolen a string of sausages.

Once I was rolling, I applied the thumb controlled throttle, the power was immediate. You know what? 15.5 mph is enough, let’s put it this way, the average walking pace is a little over 3 mph, so that is 5 times over that, and I think getting somewhere 5 times quicker is more than enough, and it feels safe, I certainly felt safe riding it. I had a smile on my face riding my eScooter, I think there is something about being closer to the ground which makes things more fun. It reminded me of times I rode my skateboard as a kid, the wind in my face and the trundle of the wheels on the asphalt, I love that it brought back fond memories. Ok, I guess I’d better tell you all about the ride quality, instead of reminiscing about my childhood.

Right, 10” solid tyres, now I thought being solid tyres the ride would be bumpy and uncomfortable, it’s not, at all. The Reid E4 Plus has rear spring suspension which tackles bumps and potholes with ease and even rides pretty good on grass. A very steady ride, the throttle was very responsive and I quickly learnt that I could control my speed with the slightest of thumb movements. It was super easy to go through the speed settings too, just by pressing the button below the display to cycle through them - if you pardon the pun. The disc brakes are sharp! And they bring you to a halt very quickly, which I would say scored points for me, as I find stopping is pretty important. This eScooter has bright LED lights on the rear and front, which can be operated by the button on the electric scooter or the bluetooth app, which subsequently can also control the colour of the ambient lighting - yes this is a thing thank you very much! Cars can have it so why can’t my scooter?

Overall, I love this way to travel. It brings a smile to my face and it’s cheap and efficient, and I really hope to see eScooters legalised in the near future. If you haven’t tried one, have a go! You’ll be surprised that it’s totally not what you’re expecting!

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