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Introducing the Blumil GO

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

At Ride LEV we get pretty excited if it has two wheels and a motor! Well, we were even more excited when we were shown the Blumil GO, which only had one wheel and a motor. Yes, we can feel all of your exuberance as you ask the question ‘What is the Blumil GO? Ok, we won’t keep you all in suspense for much longer, we will explain.

On first appearance, the Blumil GO quite literally looks like David Copperfield was performing the old ‘sawing the e-scooter in half’ trick, when he inadvertently used the real saw, thus literally sawing the escooter in half, leaving us only with a very stylish front end, and a very embarrassed illusionist.

The Blumil GO does share some characteristics with an electric scooter, like a front wheel powered by a motor, handles with throttle controls, variable speed settings, a brake, a digital display and a rechargeable battery. But here is where the Blumil differs, the Blumil GO turns a rigid frame wheelchair into an electric handbike. We’ve seen many different products which turn wheelchairs into handbikes, however they were all bulky and had huge wheels. The Blumil GO is quite simply in a different league.

The size is what first struck us, it is so compact! An 8 inch puncture proof tyre ensures a really effective turning circle, to enable you to turn around easily in tight spaces. It’s light too, 13kg which includes the weight of the anti-theft removable battery. It’s also a registered medical device and aircraft safe, and that’s not even the best bit. The best bit is this. The Blumil GO automatically connects and disconnects to your wheelchair in 5 seconds with a touch of a button using an ingenious patented motor which controls a connection arm. Yes, it’s that simple. Just wheel up to the device, press the button and the Blumil GO’s unique patented motor will do the rest. When you press the button to connect, an arm extends and grasps onto the wheelchairs axle, lifts your front wheels off the ground, and then you’re good to go. So that’s why we got really excited, we were well within our rights, we could really see how this innovative invention could transform the quality of so many lives.

Now I could go into specs, and technical details and all of that, but then again you could just have a look at the Blumil GO feature on our website, so we’re going to fast forward to when we got an email from a potential customer who was delighted that Ride LEV had brought the Blumil GO to the UK. We were delighted too, as we had an opportunity to get some feedback from somebody who would really benefit from this device. The customer who had contacted us was .. ahem .. can we name drop? I think we can on this occasion. It was Lucy Alexander the once host of Homes under the Hammer on the BBC, and the Blumil GO was for her daughter Kitty who will be starting university in London in September. Kitty really needed something that would not only give her the freedom to travel and explore the city, but would also look stylish and trendy too. And so, an appointment was made for a demonstration of the unit.

On appointment day, we arrived at the home of Lucy and Kitty, and can we just say, what a delightful family. Honestly, they were so welcoming and of course Kitty was eager to try out the Blumil GO, and we were keen for her to use it too. Like we mentioned, Kitty is going to university and needs something that is compact enough that she can get on the tube with, and something that would blend in and look pretty cool too. Well, the Blumil certainly ticks all those boxes. Not only does it have an LED headlight on the front, but also a large U-shaped light which illuminates, making for a really sleek and current look.

Right, the moment we have all been waiting for, Kitty was going to give the Blumil a try for the first time. We all waited in anticipation as she wheeled up and pressed the button which enabled the Blumil to connect to the wheelchair. Well, we didn’t have to wait too long. In quite literally seconds, it was connected - hey presto! Now it was up to Kitty to take it through its paces.

The performance was great, as it effortlessly went up the grass verge and had no problem on the lawn. Kitty was taking lap after lap of the garden, you could see how happy she was and the freedom that this amazing product would bring her. It was so fantastic to see how easy it was for Kitty to use the handbike. Kitty told us how much it meant to just have something that is inconspicuous, blends in and overall is light, compact and effortless to use, and she agreed that the Blumil GO ticked all of the boxes. It really did exceed expectations.

We then headed to the front of the house, so Kitty could test the Blumil GO on the road and pavement. It was truly effortless, and we had to laugh when Lucy was trying to shoot a selfie video on her phone with Kitty, whilst trying to keep up with her daughter who was on the highest speed setting! Teddy the family dog also got involved, as Kitty took him on a dog walk (this time in a slower setting, I hasten to add). Teddy then got a little tired and decided to ride on Kitty’s lap instead.

It was great to have the opportunity to see Kitty testing the Blumil GO, and we know that it will give her the confidence and agility to get around the city when at university.

Ride LEV wants to say a massive thanks to Lucy for getting in touch and we wish Kitty all the best for university in September.

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