Blumil Go UK

Blumil GO - Converts your manual wheelchair into an electric handbike

With a total weight of 13kg including the removable battery, the Blumil GO is light enough to be easily transported.  Unlike other brands, there is no bulky wheel and no additional attachments needed to connect the device to your wheelchair. 


The Blumil GO boasts the easiest connectivity system on the market, requiring no assistance to connect.  The Blumil GO is suited to paraplegic and tetraplegic persons, and the thumb control is wide enough to be controlled by the thumb or palm.   The thumb and brake controls can be changed to either the left or right handles of the device to suit your abilities. 

All electric

No attachments required

Connects in 5 seconds

Removable battery

Aircraft safe

15.5 mile range

Folds in 5 seconds 

Certified medical device

Easy to transport

Blumil GO

Blumil GO


The pursuit of freedom and independence was at the roots of the idea of creating Blumil.


Blumil’s inventor has been using a wheelchair for several years, but there has never been an obstacle to stop him living his life to the fullest, whether it may be travel, sightseeing or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.


His independence was only limited by the heavy and bulky equipment.  A purchase of a terrain wheelchair didn’t seem to have much sense – they could be used for off road expeditions, but in reality the heavy weight and huge dimensions of such wheelchairs were just another barrier, not a solution. 

The inventor of Blumil was motivated because he wanted to easily move through forests, mountains, beaches and snow. Breathtaking landscapes and the need to experience the natural beauty of nature was the inspiration for the  Blumil GO.   

Soon it became clear, that Blumil is not only a great solution for off roading, but being so lightweight, agile and compact it is absolutely perfect for the city.   A truly innovative and unique device which Ride LEV truly believe in.

The Blumil GO is a certified medical device and is VAT exempt.

Manufacturer backed warranties

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